Knaresborough Is Waking Up!

June 27, 2020

So after three long months, Knaresborough is slowly starting to wake up. Like the rest of the UK we have have been mostly asleep, save for a few essential shops. Most of us have stayed home, depending on home deliveries and the kindness of family and friends. We have followed government guidelines, knowing that it was imperative we protected ourselves from the virus.

Ashleigh from Knaresborough Delivers who has been working tirelessly to provide food & essentials to the local community.

Now, with the easing of restrictions we are able to venture out further without fear of contracting the virus. Many shops are now open, albeit with strict social distancing, hand sanitisers and other regulations designed to keep us safe. I have felt strange walking into town and looking at all the signage advising us how to keep safe. Just a few months ago I was walking round freely without any worries and now I’m watching every move I make.


And yet, we need the advisory signs and the hand sanitisers and the social distancing stickers. They make us feel safe and secure which most of us are looking for. These are still uncertain times but many of us want to get back out into our community. I have missed seeing friends and colleagues and just stopping off for a coffee and calling in to our businesses to say hello while selecting items I need.


I am keen to support our local businesses, many of whom have struggled to stay afloat. So now as I step back outside my front door, I will be shopping local and supporting Knaresborough businesses. Just buying a coffee or an ice cream can make all the difference to an independent trader.

Castle Creamery, Knaresborough

So when you are next in town why not have a good look round at the shops that have reopened? They are all trying so hard to make customers feel safe and welcome. However, if you need reassuring about anything, just have a chat to them.

If you are worried about life after lockdown why not read another post I wrote for further advice. Please click here to read that post.

Until next time, stay safe and take care and I will hopefully see you in Knaresborough very soon.

Susanna x

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