Tips To Help You Cope With Confinement At Home

April 6, 2020

So, the children are at home. You’re at home. And you can’t leave the house. Are you finding it difficult to cope? Now what? As much as an enforced stay at home would fill most people with dread, perhaps we should try look at it from a positive point of view. Why not treat your lockdown as a ‘holiday at home?’

So, here are my tips for setting up and enjoying your ‘holiday at home.’


Switch off from any work you have been doing and yes, that includes housework! Get into that holiday mood. Switch off social media and any news programmes and tell yourself you are now officially ‘on holiday.’


Sit down together as a family and plan your activities etc, just like you would do for a normal holiday. Plan what you want to do on each day of your allocated holiday and schedule in meal times too! Look at fun activities that all the family can enjoy. I know it can be difficult to cope when the children are at home for a long period of time but with a plan this can be more manageable. Don’t forget this is not just for kids. Adults living without children can also plan each day as though they were on holiday.



Treat your home as though it were a holiday home or an Air BnB. Have a good tidy round. Put fresh bedding on every bed. Spray the rooms with your favourite scent or light a few candles.


Plan your meals for the next few days. Maybe make meals in advance and freeze them so you don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen cooking. With all the stress of being at home, you don’t need the added problem of having to cope with preparing food. Why not have a picnic? All you need is a blanket and plenty of snacks and picnic style food. Picnics, even in your own back garden can be fun for any age. If you are eating indoors, lay the table with a nice tablecover and napkins. Prepare the table as though you had guests coming.



If you have a garden why not make full use of it especially if the weather is good. You don’t need a big garden to enjoy it. Eat outside as much as you can if the weather permits. Being outside always makes us feel more relaxed. I even like to sit out at night which can be amazing especially for starwatching on a clear night.


There are so many activities that you can do at home to entertain the children. Crafts are a great way to keep children entertained and there are so many ideas online. Why not search Pinterest for ideas? If the weather is good why not venture outdoors in the garden and make a den? Children love dens and will play for hours even in a homemade one. You can make a den using chairs and blankets that you have lying around the house. Pop lots of blankets and cushions inside the den and if you make it big enough, then maybe use the den for a picnic setting.


Board games are really popular again and are a great way to pass time at home. Why not look at the old favourites? Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit are good old retro games that are timeless as well as some of the newer games. Why not simply get out a pack of cards and renew your love of Patience, Rummy and Knockout Whist? Why not have a film night complete with popcorn and ice cream? There is such a wide selection of films available through Sky Movies, Netflix or just revisit your DVD collection.



We all like to relax on holiday and having a holiday at home does not mean you cannot have some relaxation time. Why not set aside some time and create a homemade spa at home? Have a long, hot bath and spend time pampering yourself using your favourite lotions and potions which you usually save for best. Put on a face mask, paint your nails and spend some time listening to your favourite music. Maybe start a simple meditation. You can find many online but I use the App Insight Timer which has a fabulous selection of different meditations.

I hope I have given you a few ideas for your ‘holiday at home.’ While you may be used to holidaying in far more exotic places, try not to be negative about your holiday at home. I know you may be finding it difficult to cope with an extended confinement but if you plan it well, you really can have a relaxing time with holidays vibes. And once you try it, you may find you enjoy it so much, it becomes a regular event in your house.

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